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Hi, my name is Dale Vande Griend and I'm an illustrator and storyteller.
Several years ago, I wanted to find a way I could spark wonder and tell stories.

So, I started drawing.

With drawing, I'm able to create illustrations, graphic novels, picture books, and coloring books.

Drawing helps remind me of the wonder I see in this world everyday. I want to keep that wonder for this world, and I want to inspire others to do the same. My hope is that you enjoy some of my work and gain a little something from it.

  • Check out my 200 page graphic novel, DOLL. It's about a girl named Roopa, an Indian brothel, a doll, and it's a survival story. Read it HERE.

  • Interested in unique coloring books? Check all these hand-drawn coloring books HERE.

  • Think mushrooms are crazy yet beautiful? I hand-drew, inked, and watercolored a coffee table book filled with all sorts of crazy looking and amazingly named mushrooms. See it HERE.

Some of my clients include:
HOPE International
Tiny Hands International (now Love Justice International)

Dordt College
Resonate Global Mission
Small Businesses

Non-Profit Organizations