Illustrator, Storyteller, Adventure, Wonder

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Hi, my name is Dale Vande Griend and I'm an illustrator and storyteller.
Several years ago, I wanted to find a way I could spark wonder and tell stories.

So, I started drawing.

With drawing, I'm able to create illustrations, graphic novels, picture books, and coloring books.

Drawing helps remind me of the wonder I see in this world everyday. I want to keep that wonder for this world, and I want to inspire others to do the same. My hope is that you enjoy some of my work and gain a little something from it.

  • Check out my 200 page graphic novel, DOLL. It's about a girl named Roopa, an Indian brothel, a doll, and it's a survival story. Read it HERE.

  • Interested in unique coloring books? Check all these hand-drawn coloring books HERE.

  • Think mushrooms are crazy yet beautiful? I hand-drew, inked, and watercolored a coffee table book filled with all sorts of crazy looking and amazingly named mushrooms. See it HERE.

Some of my clients include:
HOPE International
Tiny Hands International (now Love Justice International)

Dordt College
Resonate Global Mission
Small Businesses

Non-Profit Organizations


Opposite Coloring Book

The Opposite Coloring Book Coloring with a twist! We have the colors. You draw the lines. All you need is a pen!

Buy Here

Henna Alphabet Coloring Book

Henna inspired alphabet for you to color. All 26 letters with multiple copies of the most used letters.

Buy Here

Mandala Coloring Book

This is a coloring book for adults and kids with hand drawn mandalas inspired by India. Pages are single sided so you don't have to worry about colors bleeding through and ruining the next picture.

Buy Here

Mushroom Coloring Book

50 different types of mushrooms and fungi for you to color. The names of each mushroom is printed so you can color them accurately or use your imagination and make up something new!

Buy Here

MUSHROOM Illustrated

ENTER THE STRANGE AND BEAUTIFUL WORLD OF MUSHROOMS! Enjoy over 50 of the most popular and amazingly-named mushrooms in this illustrated, coffee table book.

Buy Here

Easy Paper Airplanes for Kids

Want to learn how to fold and make fun paper airplanes?

Buy Here

I'm always interesting in talking with anyone or any organization who is looking to add illustration to a project. I'm open for commissions, children's books, graphic novels, or whatever your creative ideas are. Please don't hesitate to send an email my way! I look forward to hearing from you.