Brush Pens

Brush pens are amazing. I was scared of them at first, but after I finally tried them, there was no turning back. They are so much fun to use and the line quality you get is so organic and lovely. You're able to go from thick to thin and with practice you can get some unique ink lines. Definitely give them a shot!

Technical Pens

I use technical pens for small details and panel borders. They're great to have around.


Pencils. Use them to practice, sketch, and lay down your line work before inking.


You know paper. It's what you draw on.


I recently upgraded my printer/scanner to the Epson WP-7610 and it was the best choice I've made in awhile. It prints fast and on any size paper. It also scans 11x17 pages, which is great for comic book and graphic novel artists.

Drawing Tablet

For work on the computer, it's nice to have a simple pen tablet.